Bologna Salad
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Icky-gross, wonderful, bizarre, whimsical, and surreal might be an apt description of the work of Jonah Elgart. His artwork’s unlikely mix of these qualities spawn a unique fusion of realistic and fantastical contraptions, and doodle-like designs. Nothing brings him more joy than making his audience awe or squirm while viewing or interacting with his art. Holed up in his home in Somerville, MA, he’s striving to unleash the visions from his head for the world to view and play with.

After many years in careers varying from a medical devices engineer to an animator of children's games, Jonah has found a niche for himself as a Creative Technologist. He has strengths as an artist and engineer, and he excels at projects that combine his skills as an illustrator, animator, programmer, and engineer. Jonah makes apps and websites as a freelance consultant, in addition to working on independent creative projects.



Thanks for checking out this part of the site! If you like my art, and want to help support an artist so they can follow their passion, you can buy my abc app, donate below, or commision a piece. Have no doubt, any bit contributed is very meaningful to me.

My ABC App:

These links go to my app, 'abc Wow!'. It's cute, fun, app for young kids to learn their letters. (Please note: this is an educational children's app, not a wacky-art app.)


Any money donated will finance my time to work on cool unpaid art (instead of paid freelance projects), which I will then post on this site and my other sites for the world to enjoy! Also comes with guaranteed admittance to heaven (don't lose your receipt).